CMON Acquires Two Little Mice Expanding Into RPG Titles

September 30, 2021 by fcostin

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It is no secret that CMON is considered an established publisher as part of our industry. Bringing board games, card games and miniature games to the tabletop covering genres of horror to sci-fi to fantasy, the publisher is growing at a fast pace filling a gap in their brand by announcing a new acquisition.

TLM CMON - Image One

RPG studio, Two Little Mice - founder of role-playing games titles such as Broken Compass and Household has now been acquired by CMON. Adding RPG titles to their continuously growing list of story-driven titles.

Players may be familiar with Two Little Mice for their award-winning RPG Broken Compass. As part of the acquisition, all properties that belong to the publisher will now be included as part of CMON's catalogue.

Broken Compass - Image One

Broken Compass // Two Little Mice

Over at CMON, the staff are beyond excited about the expansion of the company, Francesco Nepitello, Senior Game Designer with CMON, and head of the roleplaying games development team shared his delight in the company progression:

“I am very proud to welcome Two Little Mice to CMON, as I personally sponsored their addition to the team. Their dedication to their projects and the quality of their output make them stand out in a gaming scene that is filled with talent. Their addition will allow us to be even more ambitious with our current and future plans, as we expand our RPG and story-based product lines".

I do not like to see smaller publishers lose their independence in the industry, but the acquisition between CMON and Two Little Mice proves to be a development and evolution between both companies. Bringing stronger titles to our tabletops with the capable hands of CMON.

Have you immersed yourself into many Two Little Mice Titles?

"As part of the acquisition, all properties that belong to the publisher will now be included as part of CMONs catalogue."

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