CMON Announce New A Song Of Ice & Fire Releases

May 3, 2019 by cassn

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CMON have announced details for their May releases for A Song of Ice & Fire, and they'll have you more pumped than Jon power-move screaming into Viserion's undead face.

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The releases include six different sets of miniatures across three factions. So whether you believe in the force of the Lion, the stealth of the Wolf, or you refuse to pledge your allegiance to such trivial wars, CMON have a collection to suit your gamer style.

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I think those Cave Dweller Savages probably should have wrapped up warmer for The Long Night! My own personal favourite are the Conscripts. I love the artwork - it's such a rag-tag band of brothers!

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CMON will be releasing these latest miniatures on May 23rd, which is the week following the HBO finale, so by then, you'll at least have an idea of who (if anyone) hasn't died yet. Check out the full release information here.

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"A rag-tag band of brothers!"

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