CMON’s Spearwives Fight With The Free Folk In A Song Of Ice And Fire

January 24, 2019 by dracs

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CMON recently gave us a glimpse of the forces of the Free Folk coming to A Song of Ice And Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. Now, we meet one of the other units supporting the wildling armies; the Spearwives.

While the South may sneer at the idea of women fighting, the harsh lands of the Free Folk are no place for such misplaced ideas. The Spearwives are a valuable addition to the Free Folk forces, providing versatile flankers able to deal out damage at range with their spears, or head into close combat.

The Spearwives set brings four copies of three different miniature sculpts, plus one Spearwife Matriarch who grants the Spearwives Swift Retreat, letting them retreat after being attacked.

This unit looks to be a great addition to the Free Folk, providing them with flexible support without swallowing up all of their points. The sculpts are also pretty good, capturing the hardy nature of these northern warriors, though three of them do have an unfortunate case of foot-on-rock syndrome.

Will you side with the Free Folk when they're released from CMON?

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