CMON Get You Teased For Xenoshyft With New Trailer

May 9, 2014 by brennon

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Unveiling that Xenoshyft is indeed a card game and not a miniatures game like we knew already CoolMiniOrNot have posted up the teaser trailer above for their forthcoming project. I think it sounds very cool (how apt) indeed...


So now we know that the game is a co-operative strategic horror experience and it can be played solitaire which is quite cool, I do like it when games have that option - always great for testing out the rules.

Templar Armour

Plasma Arc Shotgun

As well as the trailer they've also posted up artwork of their Templar Armour and Plasma Arc Shotgun which will no doubt be equipment cards that your soldiers can pick up in the game. It does seem like it's going to be quite the hard game from all the artwork showing off bloody and dismembered soldiers so let's hope it's a tactical challenge!

Did this trailer hype you up?

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