Commanders Arrive For Byzantium From Drabant Line Miniatures

September 30, 2020 by avernos

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Drabant Miniatures have just been showing off their latest releases for ancient gaming in the form of a Byzantine command and Drungarios miniature.

As usual, these are absolutely gorgeous pieces of 28mm work sculpted with a delicate touch to bring out a restrained realism that you would be hard pushed to match in many other lines.

Byzantine Command Drabant Miniatures

Byzantine Command // Drabant Miniatures

The command group is a three man pack with an axe-wielding commander being flanked by a musician and spear-armed warrior. They have Turkish style headwear giving them a lightly armoured feel and this is coupled with the quilted leather jerkins. The large scutum shields have a subtle touch with the leather edging wonderfully realised and the horizontal buttressing making them more accurate than many people would need but that touch of realism really sets the figures off.

Byzantine Command Lloyd Shot // Drabant Miniatures

The Command group is not the only release from Drabant mind you, they have also brought a Drungarios model to the tabletop, and no that's not a historical character but rather a Byzantine rank.


Drungarios // Drabant Miniatures

When the Byzantine Empire reorganised their armies prior to the Dark Ages they divided them into geographically raised forces. The Drungarios was in charge of roughly ten battalions that were part of these massive Thema armies. They also carried with them a title at court, so think of the Drungarios as the stepping stone from the military into minor nobility.

Drungarios Lloyd Shot // Drabant Miniatures

He is wearing a scale breastplate over a chainmail coat and wielding a wicked-looking war hammer, it reminds me of a crows beak. He's bellowing an order that somebody had better carry out shortly, because if one of the men in charge is getting ready to fight something has gone wrong.

These four fellows are as always beautifully sculpted by Drabant and will do the job for fans of Saga, for example, or other games that require the deft touch of the last Romans on the tabletop. No word yet on when we will see them on the Old Glory site, but if you're interested in them it is worth checking over the coming weeks.

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