Commonwealth Reinforcements Swoop In For Moonstone

November 3, 2019 by avernos

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Goblin King Games have been expanding the Commonwealth forces for their whimsically fantastical skirmish game Moonstone, these are available to pre-order now and will be released on the 15th November. The Rags to Riches Troupe  offers up three unique sculpts for your force.


The leader of this merry band is the corpulent Kaufman, he has a merchant feel to him and clearly times have not been tough for him, with his bulging sacks of gold, bulging gut and bulging...bulge. He's bedecked in finery and jewellery drips off his fingers and neck, every part of him Kaufman screams wealth and the sculpt looks like it should be a joy to paint.


He is accompanied by the faerie hunter, Gertrude, and like Kaufman she does not exactly look like she is shy of a coin or two. That netting around the buns in her hair seem at odds with her fingerless gloves and pantaloons stuffed into her boots. Clearly an accomplished hunter and someone who has had to deal with trouble I love the wry questioning eyebrow and slight smirk, it's as if you've been caught and your hand is slowly edging under your coat and she can see you do it. Really? You're really going to make me shoot you? Because I will.


We round out the Troupe with Natty, very much the rags in the Rags to Riches box set. Look at her, big puppy dog eyes, toe out of her boot awwwwwh Hang on Natty I'll give you a coin...*checks for his purse* mmm could've sworn I had it when I left the house, hang on where's Natty gone? STOP THIEF!! I love the work their sculptor puts in to even a simple model and even as basic pose it speaks volumes, safe to say that I'm a fan.

Apart from the Rags to Riches Troupe, the Commonwealth also have two individual releases that are very nice indeed. The giantess Brunhilde storms forth in a pose that is reminiscent of a singing nun, and I suppose that is fitting for the bearer of the name of a Valkyrie. She's certainly not short of a blade or three, so I don't expect her to be turning the other cheek.

Brunhilde_540x  Airship Cover

The final Commonwealth release is a gnomish airship. This is a wonderful piece of gnomish tinkering, drifting through the air with a gnome hanging beneath and a wicked looking harpoon on the front of the blimp. Considering how Moonstone works as a melee game I'm intrigued as to how the airship will perform in game. Will it be a support character or a ranged attacker? Regardless I can see a lot of people picking this little fellow for the fun aspect alone.


Everything about the Moonstone range is amazing, from the designs to the final miniatures, and the game is wonderfully unique and delightfully tactical and every new release adds character and depth.

Are you planning on joining the Commonwealth?

"Everything about the Moonstone range is amazing, from the designs to the final miniatures, and the game is wonderfully unique and delightfully tactical..."

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