Concept Art Looks To Future Characters Of The Drowned Earth

April 12, 2017 by brennon

If you haven't checked out the Let's Play for The Drowned Earth, do it now, it's awesome. In the meantime, however, take a look at some of the concept art for new characters coming to the tabletop when the game hits Kickstarter on Sunday (April 16th).


The latest piece of concept art was for this rather angry looking lady. Gersla is one of the Bondsmen who are downright dirty Bounty Hunters who are looking to take in big prizes and claim the reward. Once again, we're seeing such a vast array of different styles and interesting ideas in this game!

Another of the factions that we've been seeing in more detail have been for the Militia. So, here we have a run down of the characters shown off so far.

The Militia

Leading the way we have the Dutch-looking Forek who will be at the head of your gang.


He is then joined by Kraytssk and Juchita giving you another look at what The Drowned Earth is doing by subverting the factions to allow different species into each of them dependent on their character and drive.



Finishing off what we've seen for The Drowned Earth we also have Ranelle who is toting around a massive minigun and Hove who acts as the Militia Scout on the tabletop.



As you can see there is plenty to look forward to with The Drowned Earth and we'll be taking a closer look at the Kickstarter over the weekend to see what's on offer. Anything that involves dinosaur wrangling and cool Fantasy races in a wild Sci-Fi world gets our vote.

What do you think of their concept art?

"...we're seeing such a vast array of different styles and interesting ideas in this game!"

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