The Conflicts Of Mantic’s Mars Attacks Escalate With A World War

April 18, 2015 by brennon

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Mantic Games have escalated the conflict to a higher level with the coming of World War, a new supplement for the game that puts more than just Greenville in danger when it comes to Mars Attacks...

A New War!

The first thing to note is that there's a new way to play Mars Attacks with the World War booklet. As the cover might suggest things have got a little out of hand and the fights have turned from skirmishes to full on attacks...

World War

Inside you have access to...

  • Core Rules – Everything you need to know, from moving to fighting, to play Mars Attacks!
  • Epic Battles – Play games with custom armies with two complete army lists and sample armies.
  • Epic Scenarios – 13 brand new epic scenarios that include custom armies and multi-mat games

...which all sounds very cool and I like the idea of putting multiple sets together allowing for a more expansive battle between larger forces.

Armies Assemble!

Speaking of armies there are two full ones up on the Mantic webstore with one for the Humans and another for the Martians...

Human Army

Martian Army

...although if you're feeling really adventurous when it comes to the scale of your battles then you could always go for the Martian Mega Army that comes with one of those very impressive looking Robots that will be stomping all over cities and making the Human's lives very miserable indeed.

Mega Martian Army

Quite a haul and it even comes with some of those deadly bugs that we've been seeing a bit more of recently from Mars Attacks. Have you felt that you needed to scale up your Mars Attacks experience to this higher level?

Let us know!

"there's a new way to play Mars Attacks with the World War booklet"

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