Conquer Your Napmares With Terror Tot Heroes In Munchkin Babies

December 8, 2021 by fcostin

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There is a new version of Munchkin coming in January 2022, no it’s not an expansion! It is a new game in its entirety. Bringing our fantastical heroes back to diapers. Munchkin Babies is set to release in January 2022, putting players in the role of iconic Munchkin heroes in hopes of getting their grubby little fingers on some loot, in some backstabbing and juvenile chaos.


Munchkin Babies // Steve Jackson Games

Although we are heading back to pre-school for this version of Munchkin, don’t be fooled by their adorable little faces! An Orcling, Dwarfling, Elfling and a Quarterling (half of a halfling!) are armed with just as much chaos as their older Munchkin counterparts, but they are equipped with savage abilities that would only come from an ankle-biting youngster!

Munchkin Babies - Image Three

Card Preview // Munchkin Babies

The enemies that players will come up against are not your usual polished set of villains. Scaled for the tiny terrors, monsters will include a Jealous Kitty, a Napmare, and the pokings and proddings of the fearsome Paediatrician. Plus, there are some new items added to the mix such as the Kid-Safe Stabbinator and the Blame-Resistant Pyjamas!

Munchkin Babies looks like a lot of fun, although the attacks may be a little tame in comparison, there is certainly a lot of light-hearted humour and punderful jokes, which you can expect from a good old game of Munchkin.

What do you think is more dangerous, an Orcling or a Dwarfling?

"There are some new items added to the mix too, such as the Kid-Safe Stabbinator and the Blame-Resistant Pyjamas!"

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