Conquest Of The Gods Egyptian Starter Set Previewed

October 22, 2014 by brennon

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Demigod Games have previewed the Egyptian Starter Set that will be part of the Conquest of the Gods Kickstarter that should hopefully be launching around November 17th this year! See what you think of the miniatures...


Greatest of Fifty


First up we get a look at (in order) Horus, the Greatest of Fifty and the Pharaoh for your Egyptian army. Horus in particular is a massive miniature standing at around 51mm so he can go toe to toe with things like their minotaur and troll. The heroes too are looking dominating and with a nice array of options too.

Egyptian Archers

The Uraeus

Below the heroes you have some warriors and a massive monster too. The Archers will be making up the bulk of your Egyptian retinue and then will end up fighting alongside the massive Uraeus that you can see here breathing fire. The fire is actually an additional (but optional) extra that allows you to show off what the mighty snake actually does in the game. You could easily make it without however.

As we mentioned earlier the Kickstarter is nearing for this one and it's ace to see more mythological games coming to the fore. Can't wait to see all the different starter sets in more detail!

What do you think of the Egyptians?

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