Control Central Asia With Hun Raiding Party Reveal

February 6, 2019 by cassn

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Footsore Miniatures are getting geared up to conquer Asia with their latest Hun raiding party reveal.

huns (2)

These guys are ready for a fight! The set comes with one Mounted Warlord, one scout, 12 Mounted Archers, 8 Mounted Heavy Cavalry and 8 Mounted Javelins.

huns (3)

I really like this raiding party, each soldier feels unique and dynamically posed. My only criticism would be that the figures don't come with bases or, weirdly, the spears which the heavy cavalry carry.

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However, you can design your own base and include weapons which fit your tabletop, so I suppose this is a minor gripe.


The Hun Raiding Party is currently on offer at a discounted price until the end of February, so if you want to control Central Asia, gallop on over to Footsore Miniatures now!

Do you prefer to create your own bases or use the included ones?

"These guys are ready for a fight!"

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