Control The Winds Of Magic In AoS: Soulbound As A Battlemage

July 30, 2019 by brennon

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Building on the range of different archetypes available for you to play as in Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound, Cubicle 7 has delved into the background behind the mortal spellcasters known as Battlemages.

Battlemage - Cubicle 7

Battlemages are spellcasters who have studied hard and been through hardships and toil in order to understand and master their arcane abilities. They trained as part of the Collegiate Arcane and now serve in the armies of the Free Cities, able to stand in battle alongside Stormcast Eternals and other magical warriors when holding back the tides of Chaos and beyond.

When it comes to roleplaying a Battlemage you are maybe a character who has spent time serving in the armies of the Free Cities, or perhaps you are fresh out of the Collegiate and eager to make your mark on the world? Whichever way you build up your backstory you will always need to hunt for special components to build your wands and staves. Maybe you need ingredients to cast your spells and adventuring with a group will allow you to root out forgotten lands for the rarest of goods?

Because Battlemages are drawn from those who learned their magics long ago and lost much during the Age Of Chaos there is no shortage of ancient lore out there that needs to be reclaimed. Could that be your impetus for heading forth alongside your fellow adventurers?

Could you see yourself playing a Battlemage?

"Could you see yourself playing a Battlemage?"

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