Corvus Belli Start Teasing Warcrow Info With Whispers Of Lindwurm!

April 6, 2022 by brennon

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Corvus Belli has begun teasing more information about their upcoming Fantasy universe of Warcrow. Hoopoe, a new brand ambassador for Corvus Belli, has started her series called Whispers Of Lindwurm which starts to delve into the background of the world and more.

Whispers Of Lindwurm Episode #1 // Warcrow

In the first episode of Whispers Of Lindwurm, Hoopoe discusses a little bit of the background of Lindwurm (the world where Warcrow is set). For example, a collection of traditional Fantasy races are going to be included within the game but there are also going to be some fun Corvus Belli creations too. I'm hoping for dragon people...

We also heard a little bit about the games that we're going to be getting. The first game for Warcrow is going to be a dungeon crawler called "Warcrow Adventures". It will feature plastic miniatures (similar to those from Aristeia!) and will also come to retail after its Kickstarter campaign.

There was also a little bit of news on the wargame (in 2023) that will follow the dungeon crawler. Players will only need around twenty miniatures per side which seems pretty cool. It feels like it will focus on smaller skirmishes between warbands which fits the style of game Corvus Belli has created in the past.

I am totally on board with the idea of a Fantasy game from Corvus Belli. They've already said that they are going to aim for a rulebook of no more than fifty pages. So, that sounds like it might be nice and approachable from a mechanical point of view. If nothing else, I just want to see what kind of miniatures they're going to make!

Are you already getting psyched for Warcrow?

"The first game for Warcrow is going to be a dungeon crawler called "Warcrow Adventures".."

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