Craft New Bases With Green Stuff World Rollers

June 6, 2018 by brennon

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You might know of the Green Stuff World Rollers which can be used to pattern whatever material you tinker with to make bases. Well, they have some new ones on their webstore worth checking out which could be used for all manner of different genres.

Rolling Pin Herringbone - Green Stuff World

The first of these is the Herringbone Design which allows you to roll out large sections of paving stones which would be good for your Steampunk games. You could see these across the streets of somewhere like Lyonesse in Wolsung right?

You could also use the Flag Stone Design for similar bases although I think they are much more multi-genre in their approach. I would use these for something Historical perhaps.

Rolling Pin Flagstone - Green Stuff World

You could also work this into a Fantasy range as well I think. Imagine a city-based army or one that dwells underground like Dwarves, walking around on these. You could use them for dungeon delvers too!

Alien Worlds & Quiet Backstreets

As well as those we also have one that you might want to check out if you're a Sci-Fi fan.

Rolling Pin Alien Hive - Green Stuff World

The Alien Hive Design offers up some wonderful patterns that would be great for the inside of a Tyranid nest perhaps. You could also, of course, have your human soldiers walking through an infested ship looking for survivors.

Last but not least we have something which returns me to the idea of Steampunk with the Small Dutch Bricks.

Small Dutch Bricks - Green Stuff World

There is plenty more for you to check out from Green Stuff World and we love the idea of making your own base toppers rather than going to get some of the more expensive sculpted ones. If the design matches and you're being a bit more crafty you could create some awesome worlds.

What do you think?

"If the design matches and you're being a bit more crafty you could create some awesome worlds..."

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