The Crawling Chaos Of Nyarlathotep Is Summoned Into DUST

January 3, 2018 by dracs

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Last month saw a couple of new models appearing in the weird world war of DUST, ranging from an Axis anti-aircraft squad to the outer god Nyarlathotep itself.

God Of A Thousand Forms

The first of these releases is a limited edition Nyarlathotep, sculpted by Joaquin Palacios.


Nyarlathotep is often considered, for want of a better word, among the most human of the Mythos deities. While the other beings are usually depicted as dormant or unconcerned with humanity, Nyarlathotep takes many forms and delights in spreading madness and chaos.

This model captures one of the more insanity-inducing of its shapes. The great (and challenging) thing about the Cthulhu mythos for a sculptor is they are giving shape to the unimaginable. This model does this very well and could prove a great collector's piece.

Shoot Them From The Sky

Meanwhile, in the more mundane realm of weird warfare, we have new Axis Heavy Grenadier Anti-Aircraft Squads.

Heavy Grenadier

Each member of the squad carries the Fliegerfaust, a support weapon that unleashes a barrage of firepower that can pick enemy aeroplanes out of the sky. They can also choose to fire everything in a Deadly Salvo, for when you need to make sure something is entirely obliterated.

Will you bow before Nyarlathotep?

"Nyarlathotep takes many forms and delights in spreading madness and chaos..."

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