Create Civilization From Chaos In Age Of Dirt

April 19, 2019 by cassn

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It's the dawn of civilization, but it's a long way from being civil! In Age of Dirt, you are the chief of a tribe at the start of humanity's progress, trying to encourage your people to prosper and thrive through smart, strategic choices.

However, your tribe is a little less concerned with progress than you and, despite your best intentions, your people don't always follow your instructions. Workers travel to collect resources through The Passage, a 3D mountain-shaped tower. Unfortunately, some workers may get stuck in The Passage, only moving again on a different turn, returning with different resources than they were sent to gather.


So workers sent to the Forest to gather berries may instead find themselves collecting herbs in the Mountains, in the Plains hunting for fur, or in the Love Tent doing...important population growth work. They may even encounter some predators in The Passage, in which case they won't return at all.

Resources can be used to arm workers with spears and drums, to make a larger cave, or to build inventions and gain victory points. At the end of the game, the chief with the most victory points wins!

Age of Dirt brings a tactile luck element to traditional worker placement games, along with a fun prehistoric theme. It will be available from WizKids in October 2019.

Quiz Time: What is the oldest known board game, and where was it first found to be played?

"Age of Dirt brings a tactile luck element to traditional worker placement games!"

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