Crebain From Dunland! Forge World Unleash Their New Flock

March 20, 2020 by brennon

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Forge World are in league with Saruman The White as they unleash a new set of Crebain onto the tabletop for use in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. See what you make of this new kit...

Crebain Painted - Forge World

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Inside the set you get two different flocks of Crebain for you to use in your games, flocking to the call of Saruman and the forces of darkness. You can use them to sow discord amongst your enemies and full rules for them are included as part of Rohan At War.

As it stands the kit is rather simple, but it does give you a nice peek into the world of Middle-earth and these swarming birds rushing towards you. I also like that you could use it as a terrain piece if you wanted instead.

Crebain Detail - Forge World

The Crebain themselves don't look overly detailed but I suppose if you're making birds at this scale they are going to be a bit different looking. Either way, it's a nice new option for those playing as the forces of Evil in Middle-earth!

What do you make of the Crebain?

"'s a nice new option for those playing as the forces of Evil in Middle-earth!"

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