Critical Role’s The Legend Of Vox Machina Gets New Trailer

January 13, 2022 by brennon

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The team at Critical Role alongside the animation team at Titmouse are going to be bringing us The Legend Of Vox Machina a little earlier than we thought. The show has been moved up a whole week and will be premiering on Prime Video on 28th January.

The Legend of Vox Machina - Trailer (Red Band Trailer) | Prime Video

The Red Band Trailer (so, lots of swearing and blood) shows off the team forming up and getting ready to undertake one of their first quests. As well as giving us looks at some of their earlier adventures, we're also going to be seeing them fully explore the Briarwood Arch (and Percival's past) as part of the show.

It will be fun to see what they introduce from their actual tabletop campaign and where they take things when it comes to filling in the gaps. The animation looks top-notch and (as you would have imagined) the voice cast is on point.

I am somewhat excited about this as anyone who knows me will be aware. I have been following Critical Role since it fired up on Geek & Sundry and it will be awesome to see the return of some of probably my favourite Fantasy characters. It's still wild that this came from some "nerdy ass voice actors" playing D&D.

Are you going to be watching?

"It's still wild that this came from some "nerdy ass voice actors" playing D&D..."

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