Crooked Dice Showcase New 7TV Fantasy Heroes & Monsters

April 26, 2021 by brennon

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Crooked Dice are looking to build on their Fantasy collection for use with their upcoming skirmish wargame. A few new monsters have made it into the mix recently although there are also a few iconic characters coming soon too.

Orc Shaman - Crooked Dice

Orc Shaman // Crooked Dice

One of the new miniatures is this wild looking Orc Shaman who looks like he would prove to be a suitably impressive foe for your heroes to face. All too often you find yourself facing off against Orc warriors and the like but it's not often we also see magic-users in roleplaying encounters. Imagine the fun you'd have casting his spells!?

"I Am No Tree!"

Another alternative encounter for you to stumble upon might be facing down this monstrous Treant.

Treant - Crooked Dice

Treant // Crooked Dice

I like the idea that this could well be some creature that you meet in the woods but it could also be a construct that has been designed by a cunning Wizard or Druid. I also like that this might also be a fun miniature to use when the mage casts Barkskin on themselves!

Smashing Skeletons

The classic Skeletons are also in the mix from Crooked Dice as they got two new sets of undead for you to throw into your dungeon delving encounters.

Skeleton Warriors #3 - Crooked Dice

Skeleton Warriors #3 // Crooked Dice

Skeleton Warriors #4 - Crooked Dice

Skeleton Warriors #4 // Crooked Dice

The previous set of Skeleton Warriors were armed with swords and shields but this new selection offers up options for axes and maces. I like the different stances and poses here; very animated. I also like that you have fully armoured and unarmoured variants.

New Miniatures!

Classic-looking Bugbears are also on the way for those wanting to add some heft to their goblin-based encounters. You can often use a bit of muscle when dealing with pesky adventurers.

Bugbears - Crooked Dice

Bugbears // Crooked Dice

I've also really liked the idea of playing as a Bugbear in a D&D adventure. I love the idea of playing as a big, hulking, furry fellow who has decided that hanging out with goblins isn't quite working out.

You've also got this set of characters for you to use in your Fantasy games. They could work as deadly foes or uneasy allies!

Vicious Henchman Tyrannical Monarch & Tragic Hero - Crooked Dice

Vicious Henchman, Tyrannical Monarch & Tragic Hero // Crooked Dice

The Vicious Henchman reminds me of one of the villains from Willow and the Tragic Hero is no doubt the moody Elric. I am having a hard time placing the fellow in the middle though although I reckon you in the comments are going to be on it quickly!

It is great to see more miniatures from Crooked Dice's Fantasy range popping up that should be very useful in their skirmish game and beyond.

What would you like to see them work on next?

"They could work as deadly foes or uneasy allies!"

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