Crooked Dice Showcase New Fantasy Creatures For 7TV!

November 26, 2021 by brennon

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Crooked Dice is going to be showing off some great new releases at Warfare this weekend BUT these will soon be making their way onto their webstore for 7TV.

Goblin King - Crooked Dice

Goblin King // Crooked Dice

Many of the new releases are focused towards the idea of making fun Fantasy forces and foes to tackle on the tabletop. You've got the Goblin King here who is lording over his underground domain.

Maybe this Goblin King might then find himself being guarded by this Orc Champion who is also making his way to the collection? A devious-looking fellow with some brutal axes to hand!

Orc Champion - Crooked Dice

Orc Champion // Crooked Dice

Keeping with the narrative of the Goblin King's domain, we also have this towering Cyclops. If you displease the Goblin King then he is obviously going to throw you into a pit where you have to come up against his monstrous champion.

Cyclops - Crooked Dice

Cyclops // Crooked Dice

If you're looking to go down a different route then you also have this selection of Serpentmen who are slithering out of the jungles to do battle with your heroes.

Serpentmen - Crooked Dice

Serpentmen // Crooked Dice

I like the idea of dropping these creatures into a Conan-esque world where mighty barbarians end up clashing with snake-men and their gods. You've got a deadly melee character here and another who is swirling sorcerous powers around his staff.

...And Now For Something Different

As well as the Fantasy releases, we also have this awesome Sci-Fi option for those looking to head back to the future.

Chronal Corvette - Crooked Dice

Chronal Corvette // Crooked Dice

Who wouldn't want their own Chronal Corvette in their collection, right? It comes with both road and flying options (as you can see noted above) and would be great for those playing out a fun 7TV scenario set to the movie storyline.

Are you going to be picking up some of these options for yourself at Warfare OR on their webstore soon?

"Many of the new releases are focused towards the idea of making fun Fantasy forces and foes to tackle on the tabletop..."

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