Crooked Dice Show Off Slithering Serpent Men For 7TV Fantasy

November 2, 2020 by brennon

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Crooked Dice are expanding upon their miniature offerings for 7TV Fantasy with some new 28mm Serpent Men which have been sculpted by Pedro Navarro. These will be available in 2021 for you to drop into your adventurous Fantasy tabletop experiences.

Serpent Men #1 - Crooked Dice

Serpent Men Warrior // Crooked Dice

These two Serpent Men are pretty massive and show off powerful coiled springs which are going to be a handful for your adventuring group to deal with. Currently, there are two miniatures for this set with the martial option above and then a spellcaster below.

Serpent Men #2 - Crooked Dice

Serpent Men Sorcerer // Crooked Dice

These creatures are insanely well detailed and I love the different elements which have been worked into their sculpts. The scales should take a wash really nicely and I like that they have both legs and tails making them quite the quirky individuals. For an example of scale, we have this comparison against a regular 28mm fellow.

Serpent Men Scale - Crooked Dice

Serpent Men (Scale) // Crooked Dice

As you can see, they are huge! These particular miniatures look like they would be a fun set of foes to throw into the mix alongside something Conan-based as he does tend to end up fighting serpent men of some description.

It will be fun to see if Pedro Navarro does any more sculpting for Crooked Dice. If these Serpent Men are anything to go by then I would love to find out what else he's been working on!

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"...they would be a fun set of foes to throw into the mix alongside something Conan-based"

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