Crucible Crush Are Building Dark Age Saxon & Norman Armies

April 9, 2021 by brennon

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Bob Murch of Crucible Crush and Pulp Figures is working towards bringing an extensive range of Dark Age miniatures to the tabletop. The first Kickstarter is going to be launching on 20th April all being well and will focus on the period of 1066. That means a clash between Saxons and Normans!

1066 - Crucible Crush

1066 // Crucible Crush

This range has been in the works for a long while and it is finally now coming to the tabletop. The core of the two forces mentioned above have been (mostly) finished and will give you a solid base of metal miniatures to use in your Dark Age armies.

At its heart, each force is going to be led by a couple of notable individuals. For the Saxons, you're going to get King Harold Godwinson alongside one of his Clerics. The Normans get Duke William of Normandy and the rather mean-spirited Bishop Odo of Bayeux. Both of these characters will come with mounted and on-foot versions.

Saxons With Dane Axes - Crucible Crush

Saxons With Dane Axes // Crucible Crush

Beyond that, the range will then give you the core of two fighting forces with some great looking miniatures from Murch. For example, the Saxons are going to get their iconic Dane Axe wielding warriors and plenty of Fyrdmen which have been drawn from the fields.

Saxon Archers - Crucible Crush

Saxon Archers // Crucible Crush

I popped the Archers in above but there are of course going to be lots of regular Spearmen and Swordsmen as well as Armoured and Unarmoured variants. The Normans are going to get much the same treatment.

Mounted Armoured Normans - Crucible Crush

Mounted Armoured Normans // Crucible Crush

The Normans obviously bring more cavalry options to the field compared to the Saxons. In addition to those riders with their trusty steeds, you're also going to get plenty of rock-solid troops with their iconic shields at the ready.

Norman Armoured Spearmen - Crucible Crush

Norman Armoured Spearmen // Crucible Crush

A lot of the range will have integrated weapons and come as one-piece miniatures. Others will need to have spears and shields glued into place but in general, this looks like a fun set of miniatures. I could see folks looking to this as an alternative for building their Dark Age armies. Mix them with some Wargames Foundry offerings and they would work very well indeed.

You can check out the Preview Page for more images of what they have coming and the list of miniatures they have planned. As well as the Saxons and the Normans, Murch is also working on an army of Welsh warriors led by King Bleddyn ap Cynfyn! Watch out for those later on down the line.

I am always interested in people doing more Dark Age miniatures!

"Murch is also working on an army of Welsh warriors led by King Bleddyn ap Cynfyn!"

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