Cubicle 7 Face The Enemy Within For Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

April 18, 2019 by brennon

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Cubicle 7 has outlined a new campaign coming soon for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play fans. The Enemy Within is a  revised and updated 'Director's Cut' of one of the highly regarded campaigns ever. It all starts with Enemy In Shadows.

Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Enemy In Shadows - Cubicle 7

"At the appointed time, we shall rise from our secret places and throw down the towns and cities of the Empire. Chaos will cover this land, and we, the Chosen Servants, shall be exalted in HIS eyes. Hail to Tzeentch, Changer of the Ways! Njawrr’thakh ‘Lzimbarr Tzeentch!"

Inside this particular book, you're going to find...

  • The first two adventures of the Enemy Within campaign: Mistaken Identity, and Shadows over Bögenhafen, both of which are revised and updated by Graeme Davis, legendary WFRP author, and one of the original writers of the campaign.
  • A selection of ‘Grognard Boxes’ that add entirely new ways to play through the adventures, ensuring even those who have played the Enemy Within campaign before will find Enemy in Shadows fresh and new.
  • A complete guide to Bögenhafen, one of the most important towns in the Reikland, full of exciting locations to visit and explore.

I actually remember playing through a section of Shadows over Bögenhafen and whilst it was a very cool experience I don't believe we ever got to finish it off! This might be the chance we've needed to not only dive back into Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play but also one of those long-forgotten adventures too.

Making it a fun experience for old veterans as well as newcomers is also a really nice touch here.

Enemy In Shadows Companion

As well as the new book above which will guide you through the campaign you'll also have access to the Enemy In Shadows Companion. This helps build on your storytelling options for this particular adventure and offers up an in-depth look at wider role-playing opportunities in the Reikland.

Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Enemy In Shadows Companion - Cubicle 7

Inside this book, you'll find...

  • Guest Commentaries: Phil Gallagher and Graeme Davis, two of the original Enemy Within campaign writers, reflect on creating one of the greatest campaigns ever written.
  • The Empire: A deep examination of the Empire, the primary setting for the Enemy Within campaign.
  • Ready-made Characters: A selection of six pre-generated Characters, with a variety of optional secrets and relationships to personalise them to taste.
  • Road Travel: Full rules for travelling the roads of the Empire, and the road wardens who patrol them.
  • Supporting Cast: A huge cast of incidental NPCs that can be added to any WFRP adventure, with hints and tips for how to use them.
  • Bonus Content: A collection of short adventures and encounters that can be added to any WFRP game, including revised and updated versions of classics such as On the Road, The Affair of the Hidden  Jewel, and The Pandemonium Carnival.

It's really interesting to have more options for those looking to develop key aspects of their sessions; like bumping into folks on the road. I like that they've also gone to the trouble of embellishing on The Empire, giving you a richer sense of the world you're playing in, with all of its flamboyance and darkness.

The six pre-generated characters will also be very handy for those wanting to explore Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play for the first time.

Are you tempted by the return of this classic adventure?

"Hail to Tzeentch, Changer of the Ways! Njawrr’thakh ‘Lzimbarr Tzeentch!"

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