Cubicle 7 Share Their Map For Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound

February 28, 2020 by brennon

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Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound is coming around the corner soon and so is the Starter Set for this roleplaying game set in the Mortal Realms. A new roleplaying game needs a map just like any good campaign and Cubicle 7 shared theirs recently which was designed by Jared Blando.

The Great Parch Map - Cubicle 7

God, I love a good map. This one here shows you The Great Parch within the Realm Of Aqshy (fire). The entire of The Great Parch is home to all manner of different forces. As well as the mighty Stormcast Eternals who marshal many of its cities including Hammerhal, you've also got the mountain homes of the Fyreslayers and the Chaos tribes which rampage across the land looking to take what they can from their lesser foes.

The map shows off iconic locations as well as Brightspear which is the new city where your tale begins in Soulbound's Starter Set. I also noticed the kingdom of Edassa which will be known to those who have listened to the Realmslayer audiobooks. Here is more information on the map...

  • It shows the Great Parch, which is the starting realm for Soulbound. The core book comes with an overview of each of the other Moral Realms, as well as over thirty pages of information on various locations in the Great Parch.
  • The map shows some of the biomes of the Great Parch – proving it’s not just barren desert! There is even snow to the north in Cotha (and the blood-soaked lands of Khul’s Ravage to the south).
  • Those who have played Season of War Firestorm will recognise the Prismatikon and the Titanworks in the Flamescar Plateau.
  • The newly reclaimed city of Brightspear can be seen in Aspiria. This new City of Sigmar was reclaimed by the Celestial Warbringers and is the focus of the Soulbound Starter Set.

I am already getting excited about the ways you could take your tale after the Starter Set and it would be fun if they include a bunch of adventure hooks like they did with the set for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play.

What do you make of this map and are you getting more interested in Soulbound?

"What do you make of this map and are you getting more interested in Soulbound?"

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