Cultists & Sharpshooters Hit The Frontier Of Wild West Exodus

January 3, 2020 by brennon

Wild West Exodus expanded over the last few weeks with more characters, posse sets and plenty extra too. Leading the way we have the Court Of The Nazombu Posse which is led by the mysterious and powerful Marie Laveau.

Court Of The Nazombu Posse - Wild West Exodus

Inside this set, you'll get some rather awesome and creepy looking miniatures in the form of Marie Laveau who we mentioned earlier as well as a Cemetary Kriminal, Cleo the Nazombu Crone and then Zora the Nazombu Oracle. Additionally, Jacques Santiago will also make an appearance and a big Hexalith.

As with most of the off-the-wall models from Wild West Exodos, you're going to have a lot of fun painting up these models. They invite you to not only work with a contrast between darker and lighter tones but also perhaps a little bit of tattoo work as well in places to give them that cultish look.

Support & Sharpshooters

As well as that Posse you can also get some additional help with the Deputised Support Team.

Deputised Support Team - Wild West Exodus

In this set, you're going to get yourself a Deputy with a Volcanic Shotgun (sounds fun) and also two Deputies with Liberty Gatling Guns. When the frontier fights back it pays to have some big guns to keep the horrors at bay.

You can also get yourself some Raider/Hex Sharpshooters which will be providing some more ranged fire support.

Raider Hex Sharpshooters - Wild West Exodus

Much like with the previous set, this one comes with a single Gunman who is touting a Juiced Shotgun and then he is supported by two soldiers who are armed the same. They both have Juiced Sniper Rifles which will be great for popping heads as people stick them out from behind cover.

So, are you tempted to pick up some of these new models for Wild West Exodus?

"So, are you tempted to pick up some of these new models for Wild West Exodus?"

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