Combat The Curse Of The Red Simians With Lucid Eye

April 18, 2019 by brennon

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You are now able to go and join Lucid Eye on their next journey Beyond The Savage Core with The Curse Of The Red Simians, a new adventure module for those looking to take on a Pulp quest into the unknown!

The Curse of The Red Simians Full Adventure Bundle - Lucid Eye

The current bundle offer available right now gives you access to the new Adventure Module which takes you through a clash between your adventuring party and the Red Simians led by Redpaw Thunderoar.

As you'll have noticed on the cover of the book it says A.Y.E and this means Add Your Engine. You can use this Adventure Module with pretty much any skirmish or role-playing game you like in order to tell the story. These modules simply give you the story, framework and ideas for running the encounters. You then get to be creative!

The Red Simian Boss Redpaw Thunderoar - Lucid Eye

If you perhaps already have the adventures from the previous set, Temple Of The Golden Heart, then you can also buy a version of the Red Simian Bundle with just the new book and its associated creatures. This means you can carry on from where you left on with the previous adventure, a bit like the next movie in a franchise!

Hunting The Damned

As well as the news about the new Beyond The Savage Core expansion we also had a new miniature join the Blades & Souls collection. Here we have the Witch Finder, ready to put the damned to rest.

Witch Finder - Lucid Eye

If you saw the Vampire that we covered last week then I think you'll most likely be drawn to this fellow as his foe of choice. I love the commanding stance and the interrogative look in his eyes. You could imagine him, fire and brimstone roaring around him, damning some foul creature to hell as he plants his boot on its neck.

Lucid Eye is doing stunning work for those that love to explore the narrative in their games, bringing both characters and stories to the tabletop for us to enjoy.

"Lucid Eye is doing stunning work for those that love to explore the narrative in their games..."

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