Fight With Cyberpunk RED’s Youth & Monster Fight Club

June 16, 2020 by brennon

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Monster Fight Club has two more sets available for pre-order as they expand upon their miniature collection for those playing games of Cyberpunk RED. This time they are hanging out with the youth and getting to know the Cybergeneration.

Cybergeneration - Monster Fight Club

Cybergeneration Set

This first set gives you a bunch of youths who have grown up on the streets which are ruled by Megacorporations and criminal gangs. The set comes with five different miniatures, armed with an assortment of weapons. You've got blades, submachine guns and even a quad-launcher.

Perhaps these kids are fighting for themselves, trying to protect what little shelter they have carved out for themselves, or maybe they have been seduced by the lure of power by one of the organisations out there on the streets and now do their bidding instead.

Cyberpunk RED; Make Your Mark

As well as the Cybergeneration Set above, you can also pick up the Cybergeneration Street Artist who is also going to be released at the end of June.

Cybergeneration Street Artist - Monster Fight Club.jpg

Cybergeneration Street Artist

If you're looking to make your mark and tag up some walls with your gang's logo then they'd be a good option to throw into the mix. Perhaps this kid has information that you need on one of the gangs you've been hunting down? You might have to get into a street chase as you rush between towering buildings looking to catch this scoundrel!

Maybe you might even consider picking up this kid and using them as your character of choice?

"Maybe you might even consider picking up this kid and using them as your character of choice?"

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