Dark Age Welcome Saint Mary & Followers This December

December 14, 2015 by brennon

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The Dark Age crew have been busy once again as they have Saint Mary and a whole bunch of other models on the way to help bolster your factions in their post-apocalyptic game where warbands and machinations clash...

Saint Mary

First off we're taking a look at Saint Mary herself who is portrayed here with some hefty armour and a breast plate that would make an operative Valkyrie impressed I'm sure. Away from that she's looking very commanding and menacing with both gun and flail at the ready.

Saint Mary (On Foot)

Next up we have the mounted version of Mary who has found herself an equally interesting looking mount to the rest of her Saintly brethren. See what you think of this steed...

Saint Mary (Mounted)

I quite like the mount and I like the rider but I don't like the two of them together. Something about it seems a little off to be and it might be the fact that the mount is so different looking aesthetically to her. Maybe others will like this version of her but I would much rather see her on foot.


As well as the new we also have some revamped miniatures. The Forsaken Flense and Judah are both re-sculpted to fit in with the new line and they are looking very snazzy indeed.

Flense Resculpts

These chaps and chapettes look fantastic with their brutal axes and armoured made from bones and meta. I love the silver and purple together from the painter too which really adds to their mysterious and dangerous allure. Judah is looking a bit more studious perhaps in his re-sculpt.

Judah Resculpt

This chap is very much a preacher and he might make use of himself travelling around to make sure that everyone knows the good word of some Saint or another. I wonder how close he has come to being chopped up by a robot or mutant? I imagine that's why he carries the shotgun.

Battle Nuns?

Following on with the religious theme we have Clergy Ann which is a set containing two rather sultry looking ladies with plenty of spikes. I'm not entirely sure how practical their outfits are in the wasteland but it's nice to see you get two different sculpts here to work with.

Clergy Ann

One of them has her whip out coiled on the floor and the second has hers still attached to the belt while her gun is outstretched.

Which of these releases do you like best?

"I wonder how close he has come to being chopped up by a robot or mutant? I imagine that's why he carries the shotgun."

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