Darker Days Explore Venice Unmasked For Changeling: The Lost

April 4, 2019 by brennon

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Darker Days Publishing's Chris Handley has put together another new supplement for the Storytellers Vault. Venice Unmasked is a new book for those playing Changeling: The Lost.

Venice Unmasked - Storytellers Vault

This new book takes a look at the city of Venice and explores how it might work for your storytelling as part of both the real world and the Fae.

Venice is a unique city for the Lost. It is the fairy tale city, a city of mirrors, and a city of inversion. The Carnival rules all, even the Gentry. The slave becomes master, the master becomes a slave, and the Lost take back their mortal flesh.

Within is an extensive history of Venice, both real and Fae. There is a detailed look at the Court of Carnival, the roles within this unique court, plus new rules and powers. Furthermore, there are 30+ characters provided for use in your Venice chronicle, including Fae, Hobgoblins and Charlatans. Finally, there are a few story seeds to get you started.

Created with Changeling: The Lost 1st Edition in mind this can also be used to develop options for 2nd Edition too. As well as the focus on Changeling there are also story hooks for those playing Vampire, Geist, Mage and Mummy too.

If you're interested in learning more about this supplement then Darker Days Radio put together a Podcast which you can listen to HERE. Also, make sure to follow their blog HERE for more information on World Of Darkness and much more.

Will you be grabbing this?

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