D&D Beyond Discuss The New D&D Essentials Kit

June 25, 2019 by brennon

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The D&D Essentials Kit is coming to Target very soon and everywhere else in September from Wizards Of The Coast. D&D Beyond talked with Chris Perkins about the box and just what makes it the perfect entry point for people to dive into this awesome Fantasy roleplaying game.

D&D Essentials Kit Cover - Wizards Of The Coast

If you're just getting stuck into Dungeons & Dragons this is a great gateway into it. It takes players back to the small settlement of Phandalin that you might remember from the first Starter Set for 5th Edition but with a focus on a new, deeper adventure as you explore this Wild West of Forgotten Realms.

D&D Essentials Kit Interior - Wizards Of The Coast

Included in the set is everything you need to play. You will have a section on rules, creating your own characters, setting up as a Dungeon Master and of course things like maps, cards and more to help in the endeavour. You've also got a beautiful looking DM Screen, something which wasn't included in the original Starter Set.

I really like that both the Essentials Kit and Starter Set both feature the same location and continue to tell a bit of a story. It means that even if you've played through low-level adventures before you've got a cool hook and a reason to return.

Additionally, there's also rules for companion characters which open up the option for 1v1 gaming; yes, the Dungeon Masters and one player.

Will you be picking this up to introduce your friends into Dungeons & Dragons?

"Additionally, there's also rules for companion characters which open up the option for 1v1 gaming..."

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