Dead Earth Starter Set Pre-Orders Begin With BoW Discount!

June 18, 2014 by brennon

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The folks over at Dead Earth Games have begun taking pre-orders for their post-apocalyptic survival game set in the remnants of our world. The starter sets available are for The State, The Red Claw, and The Family alongside a deluxe set too with them being released at the end of this year!

Deluxe Starter Set

We'll kick things off with the Deluxe Starter Set that gives you all three of the current gangs in one big collection as well as the rulebook and access to the expansion source book From Sea To Poisoned Sea. Awesome I think you'd agree.

Red Claw

The Family

The State

As well as that you have the three gangs as it stands right now with the rag tag looking Red Claw gang and the more organised The Family out to look after their own. If you'd prefer to be hunting these reprobates down then how about taking on the mantle of The State and enforcing some law on these unfortunate souls.

The best thing about this release is that BoW users can head over there and pre-order these sets with a 15% discount thanks to Dead Earth Games! All you need to do is input this code ADEBOW15 over on their webstore and you're sorted!

Also, if you buy the PDF now then they'll refund that against any further purchase of the printed rulebook in the future. So, you can give it a go and then see if you like it.

Fancy giving this one a go?

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