Check Out Death Saves’ D&D Themed Clothing Collection

August 8, 2018 by brennon

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Joe Manganiello, a famed Dungeons & Dragons fan and all-round awesome chap, recently started his own line of clothing and accessories for fans of the world's great role-playing game*. Check out some of the T-Shirt designs that he has up on his Death Saves webstore.

Death Knight Tee - Death Saves

This one is one of my favourites, the standard Death Knight T-Shirt. It is somewhat of a shame that all of these come in what amounts to the standard geek colours of black...and more black, but it certainly fits with the theme and it does look awesome. A lot of the artwork from the range is either drawn from Dungeons & Dragons directly or features art inspired by the game like this one above by Mark Riddick.

Talking of iconic characters, the team took the range to Gen Con this year and this was one of their big hits. You can see why when you see the Lord Loren Soth T-Shirt.

Soth Tee - Death Saves

It was pretty insane to see that just after the launch of the range Death Saves completely sold out and only just got their restock of clothing and such. With that in mind, you might have to wait a little while for your shirt to arrive as they are in high demand.

My favourite from the collection, however, isn't one of the above. It's this one, sporting an angry looking Beholder.

Beholder Tee - Death Saves

As well as the T-Shirts, Death Saves also produces a range of accessories and art pieces based on these designs. I'm very much in the market for some of their stickers to continue adorning my laptop with geek related goodies.

Whilst it seems somewhat odd for us to talk about clothing on a tabletop gaming website, this range of clothing speaks to the resurgence and success that Dungeons & Dragons has had over the past few years and also shows that you can create some nice looking designs which aren't over the top and wearable in public (not that I have any game-shame anyway)!

*Of course, that is entirely debatable...but I do sure love D&D!

So, what do you think of the designs and will you be snapping up one of these?

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