Declare A Kingsmoot In The Game of Thrones Card Game

September 27, 2017 by dracs

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Fantasy Flight have released the third chapter pack of the Fight of Crows cycle for the Game of Thrones Card Game. Times are changing in the Iron Islands, so now it is time to hold a Kingsmoot.


Kingsmoot continues the events of A Feast of Crows and brings us characters such as Raff the Sweetling, Darkstar, and everyone's favourite bastard, Ramsay Snow, as well as the rest of the sixty card set.

Kingsmoot Cards

As the name suggests, there are also some goodies for the Greyjoys, including allowing you to call a Kingsmoot itself.

Kingsmoot Card

It also features a new version of Asha Greyjoy...

Asha Greyjoy

...whose new abilities allow you plunder the deck for more cards.

Will you include this expansion in your decks?

"Now it is time to hold a Kingsmoot..."

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