Deep-Cut Studio Update Blood Bowl Mats For Season Two

December 30, 2020 by brennon

Deep-Cut Studio has updated their selection of Blood Bowl Mats to match the Second Season of the game from Games Workshop. All of their designs have been tweaked and updated and you now have all manner of fun options to try out.

2nd Season Blood Bowl Mats - Deep-Cut Studio

Second Season Blood Bowl Mats // Deep-Cut Studio

The designs cover all manner of different pitch types. So, you could play your way across a traditional muddy field or you could try something different and play out your games across a raging inferno, a sandy desert or a snowy plateau.

Muddy Fields - Deep-Cut Studio

Muddy Fields // Deep-Cut Studio

More of the designs for this range can be seen in full over on the links up above. They certainly look swish and come with all of the information you need when playing your games worked into the mats too. I think it would be fun to get one for your team of choice and then chop and change depending on your opponents.

Inferno - Deep-Cut Studio

Inferno // Deep-Cut Studio

The Inferno Mat above would be pretty fun for those who want to play a normally evil-aligned team. I could see the Undead or something Chaos-like playing on a field like this. It seems as if the actual designs on the mats have been done in such a way that they are viewable without too much awkwardness too. The numbers are a bit lost on the Inferno mat but it's nothing major.

What do you make of these newly updated mats?

"What do you make of these newly updated mats?"

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