Deep-Cut Studio Release Tuft Collection & Pre-Painted Bases

January 9, 2019 by brennon

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Deep-Cut Studio has turned their hand towards the tinkering side of our hobby now as they join forces with GamersGrass for a range of Tufts but also Pre-Painted Bases which are 'miniature ready'.

Prepainted Bases & Tufts - Deep-Cut Studio

The tufts are the first aspect of this news we're going to take a look at. It's always good to have alternative companies to draw from when it comes to acquiring your hobby supplies and it looks like Deep-Cut has quite the range with options for a variety of different seasons and battlefield styles.

Tufts - Deep-Cut Studio

I'm a big fan of tufts on bases to help give them a sense of place. You get a much more natural look when you not only use flock but also throw on some of these tufts too, breaking up the look and also helping you hide some mistakes you might have made too.

Throw in some rocks and flowers and suddenly you've got a much more believable looking landscape for your fighters to be rushing through. I particularly like this technique for games with big bases like Burrows & Badgers and as I collect Rohan for Middle-earth, the bases of my riders.

Pre-Painted Bases

You did hear me correctly before, Deep-Cut Studio and GamersGrass designed these for you to simply mount your miniatures on. They come in two different styles so far with both Badlands and Winter on offer currently.

Battle Ready Bases - Deep-Cut Studio

You can also get these bases in a variety of different sizes for larger characters, troops and more. I think this is a neat idea for those that just can't stand the idea of having to work out the basing techniques for their armies but I actually enjoy this process as it actually feels like a final step when I can sign off the miniature completely.

GamersGrass has been working on pieces like this for a while now but it's good to see that they've joined forces to create some pieces that are fitting in with the mats that Deep-Cut design.

What do you think?

"...I actually enjoy this process as it actually feels like a final step when I can sign off the miniature completely"

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