Demigod Games Previews Giants for Conquest of the Gods

June 16, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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Demigod Games has released some previews of their giants models for their upcoming Kickstarter project Conquest of the Gods game. They decided to release the concept art for these models early because they have been getting a lot of attention recently on social media. This is a smart idea actually as it creates excitement for the project.  By the looks of these models they are big and I mean BIG!


The different factions will be getting a giant to add to their army such as the above Jötunn for the Norse will stand at 17-18 cm (6.5 - 7 inches) tall. That is one big miniature.


The Sphinx for the Egyptian faction has a wing span of 18 cm (7 inches) which according to Demigod games will dwarf all of the other miniatures in the game except for other gods.


The detail looks really clean and sharp. There is not much posted yet about the actual game other than it will start out with four factions: Ancient Greece, Egyptian, Norse and Japan.

 Jötunn 1

I would believe that as we get closer to their anticipated start date for their Kickstarter we should be seeing more details on the actual game.

Even without the game these models are shaping up to be some amazing sculpts that I will have to look into just as a painting and display project. But, honestly who doesn't want to play as a mythological god and smash mere mortals?

Gianna Lomax

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