Devil’s Run RPG Quickstart Now Available For Download

August 8, 2019 by brennon

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Modiphius has added a new Quickstart RPG download for you to check out for The Devil's Run.

Devils Run Quickstarter - Modiphius

This Quickstart uses either the 2D20 set of mechanics that you'll know from plenty of Modiphius games or Savage Worlds. I personally think that Savage Worlds is a great way to play a game like this with plenty of dice chucking moments and a focus on a little bit of miniatures combat if you like. Savage Worlds is very freeform and it works very nicely with any genre.

Included in the Quickstart you'll find...

  • High-octane action fuelled by rules for two turbo-driven systems. This quickstart contains an introduction to the 2d20 ruleset, plus mechanics to risk the Devil’s Run using the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition system
  • A brief history detailing the collapse of civilisation as we know it, stretching from before the launch that started it all, to the current state of the world twenty years later.
  • A brief description of the former West Coast, including overviews for several of the larger factions that battle to dominate its wartorn highways.
  • A short story set in the post-apocalypse of the Devil’s Run that introduces the players to the pre-generated characters included with the Black Rig adventure.
  • An introductory adventure designed to introduce the players to both the setting and the rulesets that are included.
  • Six pre-generated characters with stats for both the 2d20 and Savage Worlds rulesets.

This could be a lot of fun for those who want to dive into some Mad Maxian style adventures on the tabletop.

Will you be giving this a download?

"Savage Worlds is very freeform and it works very nicely with any genre..."

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