Get Roleplaying In DGS Games’ Freeblades World With Brightsword

January 31, 2020 by brennon

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DGS Games has been showing off a new beta for their BrightSword RPG. This allows you to dive in and play through a series of different adventures within the world of Faelon as individual characters as part of a party of companions rather than a skirmishing warband.

Brightsword Beta - DGS Games

The beta is very well fleshed out with plenty of ways to build characters, adventures, combat scenarios and more. There is also a massive selection of spells and monsters for you to choose from too which is always a benefit when getting stuck into a roleplaying game.

An additionally cool element to this is that you're also able to draw from their rather exhaustive range of miniatures in order to choose your heroes, villains and more. Freeblades had a lot of similarities with roleplaying games to begin with so this seems like a nice next step. It is available for free HERE.

The Kaorl

Talking of cool miniatures, another of the new models for this collection comes in the form of The Kaorl. This is a new character for the Urdaggar faction within Freeblades.

Kaorl #1 - DGS Games

The model was sculpted by Gael Goumon and shows off the growing talent amongst the DGS Games team. They really have been sculpting up some fantastic miniatures lately packed with added detail and lots of dynamism. The paint job here comes from the talented Aaron Newell.

Kaorl #2 - DGS Games

This is actually the first step into digital sculpting from the team at DGS Games and gives you an idea as to what they can achieve as they move forwards and combine a selection of traditionally sculpted and modern techniques.

Maybe this could be your new character in the BrightSword roleplaying game?

"Freeblades had a lot of similarities with roleplaying games to begin with so this seems like a nice next step..."

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