DGS Games Unleashing Woody Demons Into Freeblades Soon

May 15, 2020 by brennon

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DGS Games has been looking at releasing a new miniature for the Fantasy world of Freeblades soon. The Vinelings, akin to Dryads and Saryads, are going to be creeping out of the undergrowth to attack travellers who stray from the path.

Vinelings - DGS Games

These creepy little fellows are looking awesome and showcase another step up in quality from the team at DGS Games. They have produced some fantastic miniatures over the past few months that could be used not just for Freeblades, their ace little skirmish game, but also across the wider Fantasy genre as monsters, characters and more.

I really like seeing what they produce each month, especially since it all comes with a good dose of background information to help you tie it into your games.

Upcoming Releases

As well as the Vinelings above, the team at DGS Games also took to social media recently to show off some artwork of upcoming miniatures. Being a big fan of dragons, I was immediately drawn to these two pieces.

Earth Dragon - DGS Games

Above with have the monstrous-looking Earth Dragon who has got that ankylosaur thing going on with its tail! I think that's a neat way to reinforce that chunky and brutal feel of this elemental beast. Plus, having no wings certainly seems apt for an Earth Dragon.

As well as this fellow, we also have the Void Dragon which is looking particularly creepy!

Void Dragon - DGS Games

That looks absolutely terrifying! Again, they have used some fun little quirks here and there in the design to match its name. The face reminds me of those fish that live down in the darkness of the deep ocean, a veritable void of its own. I think it would be brilliant to see this particular monster painted up, especially with a bit of bioluminescence in the mix.

It's not just monsters which are being previewed. There is also the Bonethrall Impaler here, a neat alternative take on an undead warrior.

Bonethrall Impaler - DGS Games

You've also got the option to mount up on something which doesn't look like a horse at all! The world of Freeblades follows a lot of typical Fantasy rules but they also produce all manner of original options too. For example, here is the Riktokar.

Riktokar - DGS Games

There is a lot more to check out from DGS Games over on their Facebook Page that we mentioned above. There you'll be able to see a raft of new artwork and concept designs which give you an indication as to the roadmap they have lain out for Freeblades. There are some quirky new characters, monsters, creatures and more for you to look forward to.

As I said above, DGS Games always end up impressing me with their releases and it is well worth checking out the rest of their range if you get the chance.

What do you make of these new previews?

"...it is well worth checking out the rest of their range if you get the chance"

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