Let The Dice Decide With D12 Trap Dice KS From Uber Dungeon

January 13, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

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The devil is in the details, and sometimes the dice really do make the difference. Uber Dungeon is on Kickstarter right now with a great little project for RPG dice. The D12 Trap Dice offer a fun variety of dice options with classic effects built into the sides.

TD KS logo

This provides the perfect little detail to help determine the fate of an adventuring party. Will they fall into a trap? Or perhaps be frozen?

TD dice options

For some reason, I find myself gravitating to the Sonic dice. I'm not even sure what I'd use them for, but that symbol on that magical icy/blue dice just looks fantastic to me!

td sonic

And besides, is there ever such thing as too many dice? I don't think so.

How would you use these creative Trap Dice?

"Will they fall into a trap? Or perhaps be frozen?"

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