Diehard Miniatures: Wizards and their Magics!

June 29, 2020 by avernos

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Tim Prow is on Kickstarter right now with Diehard Miniatures latest offering for Fantasy spell casters Diehard Miniatures: Wizards and their Magics  So far they've unlocked about half of their stretch goals with over two weeks left to go I would expect them to get a lot further. Tim has decided to make groups for various magical tropes, each group consisting of a caster, familiar and elemental monster they have staggered unlocks so it mixes up the stretch goals a little. The first five groups are already unlocked in full.

worzel hedwig

Worzel Hedwig - Earth

Worzel Hedwig is the Earth Elementalist, a member of the Basalt Order brought low by scandal and is on a quest to prove himself to his peers again. He has a lesser Dryad available as a familiar and the massive rock juggernaut Crom is capable of reducing any fleshy mortal to jelly.

zeph the majestic

Zeph the Majestic - Air

Zeph the Majestic is probably one of my favourite sculpts the image of a floating air mage deep in meditation is beautifully rendered and makes me wonder why we haven't seen something like this more often. Mistral Spirit is his familiar a cute winged cat made from a resurrected dead pet with a playful yet deadly side to it, and finally Alizeh the air elemental that can rip people apart like a cyclone or fling them aside without thought.

Emilia Stormfire

Emilia Stormfire - Fire

Emilia Stormfire seeks new knowledge within the Arena of Id having risen quickly through the ranks of the Promethean Order, accompanied by a Fire Imp from the underground magma caverns to increase her destructive power. Pyrrhus the fire elemental requires the strongest of bindings to command it its primal nature scorching the floor of the arena as it drifts towards its target.

Marina Salacia - Water

Marina Salacia's affinity to water has been with her since her childhood when she was rescued by a water sprite from drowning. Since then she has mastered one of the wildest elements and her familiar the Thulu is a prime example of that, a fishman that must be summoned and bound with an arcane rite to hold it to the elementalists will. The formidable water elemental is a formidable foe able to tear down walls not even stone can stand against it's power.

kronos of kree

Kronos of Kree - Death

Kronos of Kree, completing the initial group of elementalists is a cruel liche who is known for turning family members and sending them back to their loved ones. His servant the Minor Death dutifully following him around with his blasted tome of blasphemous spells that allow him to raise bone constructs. The Urr'Gluk adding bones and melding rancid flesh to their abominable form.

Diehard Miniatures: Wizards and their Magics!

This group of wizards and their magics are already enough for most, but Diehard Miniatures have plans for more, Chaos, Nature, Frost are all among the stretch goals and I'll be interested in seeing how Tim plans to sculpt the clockwork golem as he seldom fails to impress. The miniatures can obviously be used in any fantasy game you play, but there is an arena game being planned for it.

Wizards will start in their 'End Zones' where they are able to best absorb the magical powers of the Void which fuels their spells. Familiars can help store these powers as well as having some interesting bonuses to aid their masters. Wizards are able to cast both offensive and defensive magic, conjuring up mighty elemental beasts and creatures familiar to their own faction/house magic, these hordes will fight one another to the death in an attempt to reach the enemy wizard. The aim is to deplete your enemy magic users health before he can take you out! 

Zeph's the best change my mind!

"This group of wizards and their magics are already enough for most, but Diehard Miniatures have plans for more, Chaos, Nature, Frost are all among the stretch goals"

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