Django & An Earl Join Wargames Illustrated’s Giants Collection

November 28, 2017 by brennon

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Adding to their Giants In Miniature range, Wargames Illustrated has two new characters for you to consider picking up. The first of them is Django.


Based on the interpretation of Django played by Franco Nero in the film Django from 1966 this fellow is going to be a rather awesome way to settle disputes as he comes in and starts hosing down your opponent with that Gatling Gun he has in his possession.

The coffin is there to make him seem a little more mythical. Apparently, he appears when forces are outnumbered and lays waste to the enemy before vanishing back into the haze of battle, never to be seen again.


As well as Django here we also have the Earl Of Uxbridge who is a decidedly more proper looking soldier.


This fellow led the heavy cavalry charge during The Battle of Waterloo and subsequently lost part of his leg towards the end of the conflict. A brave man no doubt and a fine commander throughout the Peninsular War in Spain.

Will you be picking up either of these heroes?

"This fellow led the heavy cavalry charge during The Battle of Waterloo..."

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