D&D Devils & Heroes Hit The Tabletop From Gale Force Nine

May 22, 2019 by brennon

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Gale Force Nine, not to be outdone by Wizards Of The Coast announced a whole host of different miniature releases to support what's coming for Descent Into Avernus and Dungeons & Dragons! There is a LOT popping up over the next few weeks and months...

Lucille - D&D

We start with a number of the painted offerings that we saw pop up from Gale Force Nine over the last few days. Above you have Lucille here, a monstrous guardian of the first circle. As with all of these releases, they are focused on particular characters that pop up during the campaign so there will be a use for them!

One of the cool things about Descent Into Avernus is that it includes all sorts of devilish characters that your players can interact with and one of them might be Mad Maggie here...

Mad Maggie - D&D

...or maybe you're willing to strike a different kind of bargain with Mahadi theMerchant Rakshasa?

Mahadi Merchant Rakshasa - D&D

I'm sure anything you buy off him won't have any conditions attached? Have you read the fine print? Oh, you don't speak Infernal and Abyssal? Ah, what a shame. Just sign on the dotted line here anyway madame...

One hopes that not everyone is going to be wanting to kill you though. Sylvira Savikas &their Quasit here look like they might be a little more happy to help in your endeavours.

Sylvira Savikas & Quasit - D&D

The same goes for Thavius Kreeg here although I'm getting a bit of a Jabba The Hutt vibe from him, so maybe you don't want to cross him.

Thavius Kreeg - D&D

It's very cool to see that we're getting an entirely new take on what Dungeons & Dragons can be here with these releases. Gnolls, goblins and such are all very cool but this does a good job of taking things to the next level and presenting something new for those who have most likely been playing D&D for a long time.

A lot of these characters have been more on the NPC side of things but I can imagine Zariel is going to play a little bit of a bigger role in affairs.

Zariel - D&D

Whatever you do, don't ask him to put the hammer down. We saw how badly that went when Iron Man asked Thor to do that!

Not all devils and creatures of the Nine Hells are big either. Here we have Little Lulu & Slobberchops who are going to be popping up in some pesky way no doubt.

Little Lulu Slobberchops - D&D

As a whole, this range of painted devils and other creatures are looking like a Dungeon Masters delight. It would be awesome to pick up a few of these as the story unfolds, using them to illustrate your games on the tabletop with miniatures, even if you don't actually drop them into gameplay and battle maps.

You might want to make an exception for this towering fellow though. It would be fun to see if your players can take down Baphomet!

Baphomet - D&D

If he wasn't enough of a challenge there's also a Yeenoghu to deal with as well. You're not going to be wanting for larger enemies for your heroes to tackle.

Yeenoghu - D&D

I like that this miniature, in particular, has been sculpted in the midst of battle, crushing his flail into the floor, inches away from some hapless hero.

Beadle & Grimm's

Beadle & Grimm's is one of the partners that work with Wizards Of The Coast on some of their premium products and so Gale Force Nine went that extra mile and created some miniatures for this pair of heroes.

Beadle - D&D

It's awesome to see things like this, not only for the creators, but also for those that want to try stepping into their shoes so that they can explore some adventures themselves as these characters, or maybe use them as NPCs?

Grimm - D&D

Both of these characters are very cool indeed, even if you don't really know who Beadle & Grimm are. Everyone needs more bearded warriors in their games!

Minotaur Might

One of Joe Manganiello's characters, Torgar Steelfist, also got a new miniature from Gale Force Nine and Arkhan will soon get a new sculpt from them too.

Torgar Steelfist - D&D

You will also be able to pick up Krull too so you have lots of options for epic heroes.

Krull - D&D

Phew, that's all of the miniature previews from this big ol' batch of Descent releases. As we mentioned at the top of the news story, all of these are going to be available over the next few weeks and months so make sure to watch this space.

Which model is your favourite?

"Which model is your favourite?"

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