Dragonlock Bringing New 3D Printable Miniatures To Your Home

February 19, 2019 by stvitusdancern

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Tom Tullis the man behind Fat Dragon Games, who produce amazing paper and printable terrain, is on Kickstarter right now with his newest project. DRAGONLOCK™ 3D Printable Miniatures, these files will be available for download from DrivethruRPG.com once the Kickstarter is complete.

Tom has been hard at work creating fantasy miniatures that can be printed on just about any home 3D printer. According to the description these models are self-supporting and do not require printing supports and he has printed examples on an under $300 printer.

Miniatures printed on a $220 Creality 'Ender 3' 3D printer.

I have to say the results from the test prints look really great. The designs of these remind me of classic OG AD&D monsters. I really love this style and look.

There are some of the more classic monsters included in this campaign, such as the "Angry Ball of Eyes" hmm I might beholding to that one (wink, wink).

'Angry Ball of Eyes' upper body paint example shown on painting stand (included).

Tom sent me a test print file and I tried to print them on my machine. The model looks very solid in the slicer. And came out pretty good. I think I still need to dial in my settings a little better and replace my filament with a brand new spool. Tom was awesome in getting back to me to help with settings for my printer. I can not wait for this campaign to finish and he is rocking the goals.

I will be printing monsters in no time flat and getting back on the trail of some of my favourite 2nd Edition AD&D campaigns.  There is about one week left at the time of this article posting. Better jump on quick!

Have you taken the plunge into 3D printing? 

"I will be printing monsters in no time flat and getting back on the trail of some of my favorite 2nd Edition AD&D campaigns."

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