TTCombat Drink Phoenix Fizz & Make Dropzone Commander Boards

November 17, 2017 by dracs

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TTCombat has a couple of new previews up to show some of the terrain they have been working on, including vending machines, and game boards for Dropzone Commander.

Quench Your Thirst With Phoenix Fizz

The first piece we get a glimpse of is this Phoneix Fizz vending machine.

Phoenix Fizz

Phoenix Fizz is one of the drink brands you can find in Rumbleslam, and there are reportedly other vending machines on the way.

Phoenix Fizz Interior

I hope that the inclusion of these in Rumbleslam means we'll get a chance to chuck them at our opponents, although with its slightly retro look I could also see it turning up in the upcoming Fallout game.

Lay The Groundwork For Dropzone Commander

TTCombat has also been putting together some boards for Dropzone Commander.

Dropzone Commander Boards

As a setting for Dropzone Commander, this looks pretty good. We have a good, grid-based layout for its futuristic cities. Of particular note is the point where the road is bridged in the bottom right of the picture.

Do you plan to grab a drink of Phoenix Fizz? What sort of terrain would you like to see for Dropzone Commander?

"I hope that the inclusion of [vending machines] in Rumbleslam means we'll get a chance to chuck them at our opponents!"

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