A Priest Of Yosoth Summons Creepy Creatures For ShadowSea

January 8, 2018 by brennon

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Whilst AntiMatter Games' DeepWars takes place beneath the ocean, ShadowSea is their other game, inspired by dark churning waters, which takes place on land and deep within magical underground locations. It also plays host to fascinating characters like this Priest Of Yosoth.

Priest of Yosoth WiP #1

This is an early WiP showing off the Priest clutching some ancient stone tablet which no doubt has the ability to raise all manner of hellish creatures into existence.

Priest of Yosoth WiP #2

It looks like he hasn't been spared some of his masters 'gifts' as the tentacles grow from beneath his robes, looking to consume his being and turn him into one of the creatures that he thinks he has control over.

You can see how the final model might look with a peek at the artwork...

Priest of Yosoth Art

Once again, as with many of the models from AntiMatter, you have some awesome chances to try something different with the colour palette for this game. There is no end to the bright colours with the different factions for this game and they invite you to create a very vibrant and alternative looking tabletop for you to fight over.

What do you think of the model so far?

"This is an early WiP showing off the Priest clutching some ancient stone tablet..."

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