Meet The People Of Dunkeldorf On Kickstarter Now

March 11, 2019 by brennon

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King Games have been rocking through the stretch goals on Kickstarter for their Dunkeldorf Miniatures project. Check out their range of Oldhammer-style figures for use in role-playing games and more.

Dunkeldorf - King Games

Twelve characters were originally thrown into the mix here, representing the different people who live within the town of Dunkeldorf. A few more have been added since then but all of the characters will be produced in metal whilst some of the assorted accessories may appear in resin.

Dunkeldorf Characters - King Games

With the rise of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play once more thanks to Cubicle 7 some folks might like the idea of using these to not only represent the NPCs that the players interact with but also potentially their player characters too.

The Old World is a place where regular folks end up getting embroiled in big situations and each of these fellows might give you the nudge you need to explore a new character.

Stretch Goals

Here are some of the Stretch Goals that have been unlocked at the time of writing...

Dunkeldorf Stretch Goals - King Games

These are nice additional extras which allow you to throw a few more accessories into the mix. I can't wait to see Leopold The Ogre Bouncer, standing guard over the nearby tavern. Imagine him in a proper brawl after a few drinks! Also, who could say no to a cat with an eyepatch!

Will you be getting stuck into this campaign?

"...who could say no to a cat with an eyepatch! "

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