Durgin Paint Forge Update The Classic Elven Archer

November 7, 2019 by brennon

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Durgin Paint Forge has been expanding their line-up of sculpts once more as they look to the Elves of Inneath and The Lost Court. Here they have been tweaking and updating the classic Elf Archer, an iconic role that we've seen in many forms over the years. Well, take a peek...

Elf Archer - Durgin Paint Forge

This Elf Archer builds on the concepts that Durgin Paint Forge have been exploring throughout this new Elf range. They have been looking to tie in lots of familiar elements, the large pointed ears, the angular faces etc but then building on this with some elements which make them uniquely 'Durgin'.

In this case, we're seeing them build on this idea of extraordinary proportions, playing around with the silhouette of the Elf and stripping away that lithe look we've seen before, combining it with the large leaf cloak and robe alongside the nikka-pokka pants which are very Japanese. I love it. It immediately drags you into the culture of these Elves and gives you the idea of them as wanderers and those comfortable and at one with nature.

Elf Archer Alt - Durgin Paint Forge

One of the additional elements presented here, beyond the cute little Stegosaurus, is the fact that they've dialled back the angry malice of these Elves and instead twined it with a disapproving look instead. You can clearly tell that this particular Elf is not happy at all with whatever they are witnessing.

The model range will continue to develop with another mix of Polynesian, Japanese and Aztec themes as they look at making a warrior and something more savage next.

I love seeing the care and attention Durgin Paint Forge put into their creative vision and it's wonderful to see more alternative models out there that step beyond the bonds of generic Fantasy.

What do you make of this take on Elves?

"I love seeing the care and attention Durgin Paint Forge put into their creative vision..."

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