The Dweghom Magic Retinue Comes To Para Bellum’s Conquest

February 3, 2022 by brennon

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Para Bellum Wargames has added another new unit into the mix for those diving into Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings this year. The Dweghom are able to call on incredible power with the Magic Retinue for your 35mm Fantasy wargames.

The Dweghom Magic Retinue - Conquest

The Dweghom: Magic Retinue // Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings

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This is a set of masterful spellcasters who are shown in the midst of summoning their power and getting ready to unleash it on their foes. Whilst these might be the mere acolytes of a more powerful spellcaster, they are still able to bring a range of abilities to the tabletop.

Magic Retinue #1 - Conquest

This retinue can be used to give support to some of the existing characters in the Dweghom army. So, you could use them to support the Ardent Kerawegh, Tempered Sorcerer and Tempered Steelshaper if you liked.

I really like this chap...

Magic Retinue #2 - Conquest

I like that he is summoning forth the rock from the ground beneath him to use as a shield against incoming firepower. He is doing a nice bit of earth bending! It would be fun to paint this chap up as part of a larger diorama I reckon.

Magic Retinue #3 - Conquest

The Dweghom have always captured my attention although not quite enough to turn them into a full army. I reckon if I were to pick up Dweghom then I would probably end up using them as part of a First Blood warband instead.

Are you going to be adding these to your new Conquest army?

"He is doing a nice bit of earth bending!"

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