Dystopian Wars Gets A Canadian Iron Man

August 28, 2012 by brennon

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Canada, the nation no-one can ever hate. Well when it all heads south and the fighting begins in Dystopian Wars that doesn't mean they won't add some muscle to the fight. Check out the Steele Class Assault Robot from Spartan Games...

Dominion of Canada - Steele Class Robot

"Design wise it was essential that we distinguished the two robots in our own manner. Being an Allied Nation the Dominion of Canada does not necessarily have access to cutting edge propulsion technologies required to make a robot fly, and may not be able to afford to fuel the thrusters for prolonged combat. This new version is relegated to beating feet with the grunts, though standing over two hundred feet tall his strides make quick work of closing the distance between him and the enemy. In addition, it has an exciting new weapon choice; the flamethrower."

Dominion of Canada - Steele Class Robot with Rocket arm (left) and Flamethrower arm (right)

What do you folks make of this mighty mountain of steel and rivets? It certainly looks like it will do the business and is more than a match for the John Henry Class Robot or even the mighty Metzger.

Will you be awaiting this with an open wallet?

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